Research And Academic Collaboration

Transtango’s curator Patricia Bossio is actually working on a Practice lead research for Birkbeck College Iniversity of London on the theme: “Collaborative dynamics between artists from different cultural geographies: a reflection on the formation of hybrid cultures”

This research is based on an ongoing experience curating a multi-disciplinary project Transtango Urban Encounters, working through ideas of migrancy, hybridity, and cross-fertilization between cultures.

Transtango is a long-term collaboration that brings together world-class Artists; musicians, composers, dancers, and film-makers from different cultural geographies and diverse artistic disciplines. The project is rooted in the music, visual and performative culture of the urban environment dedicated to exploring urban encounters through various art forms, inviting highly experienced artists to come together and step outside the normal boundaries of their work.

I believe that this work allows a unique opportunity for studying and reflecting on the process of creating cross-cultural collaborations. I therefore propose to take as the basis of this research the creation and encouragement of an artistic space which allows artists to engage, discuss and work around themes of transnationalisation of language, hybridisation and multi-culturalism in the context of today’s global cities. Personal narratives move in a context of a social global spaces.

A big deal of our practical work of composing and performing the music, creating the film and the sound design, is underpinned by ideas that originated from the academic study of culture within the modern urban environment, especially in Latin America

Curating Transtango allows me to see how critical ideas are being incorporated by the various artists, how artists from different cultural geographies work together and how this is then translated into an engaging work of performance art. It has already been interesting to note how the making of a common artistic expression between artists of different cultural geographies highlight cultural identities the common on them and the articulation of differences.

I do hope that our project not only provide a means of reflecting and analysing the artistic process of collaboration but also enable me to show how collaborations of this kind can create not only fresh cultural expressions but essentially provide a platform for transcultural exchange and a dialogue searching for possible and alternative ways of communication.

Our next work

Me, Myself, and Others: A Cinematic Approach to Latin American Encounters