Urban Encunters

Urban Encounters

Curating three days 31 March - 2 April Kings Place 2011

Transtango a collective formed by Argentinean Londoner Patricia Bossio, aims to do just that with a weekend of music, dance and film at Kings Place. This carefully curated series explores themes of urban migration, national identity and the cultural relationship between three great world cities: London, Rio and Buenos Aires

Day 1 Transtango Urban Encounters: Music by Tim Garland (sax, flute, clarinet), Marcelo Nisinman (bandoneon), Eduardo Vassallo (cello), John Turville (piano), Mark Goodchild (double bass). Dance: Tara Pilbrow and Ivan Arandia. Film by Adam Finch

Day 2 Transamba: Steve Louder (piano and keyboards), Dudley Philips (acoustics and electric bass), Monica Vasconcelos (vocals), Adriano Adewale (percussion), Marius Rodrigues (drums), Ife Tolentino (guitar). Curated by P. Bossio in collaboration with Monica Vasconcelos.

Day 3 The Body and the City: A composition of contemporary dance, tango music, film and documentary technics. Dancers of traditional tango collaborating with contemporary dancers and Transtango artists.


Part 1: The Journey of Tango and Samba How Tango and Samba came from the margins of Buenos Aires and Rio to take over the imagination of the world.

Part 2: Round Table on Music and Identity Behind Transtango ideas, a collaboration between artists and academics.Coordinated by the Centre for Iberian and Latin American Visual Studies and Patricia Bossio (Birkbeck College). Especial guest: Prof David Treece (Kings College London). St Pancras Room.

Dreaming Cities Installation

Film and music installation by Adam Finch, film based on Marcelo Nisinman’s Hereticus for Transtango, music by Transtango band.


Balenescu Quartet With Pablo Mainetti And Elena Roger

Music composed and performed by Alexander Balanescu (violin) and Pablo Mainetti (Bandoneon); Adam Finch and William Hicklin, Film; Elena Roger, Vocals; Balanescu Quartet, Strings ; Patricia Bossio, Idea and Artistic Direction

2nd of November 2007 at the Bloomsbury Theatre.

Performed by the Balanescu Quartet, Pablo Mainetti and Elena Roger Transtango music is integrated into a cinematic projection that tells the story of the migration of people and the mutation of culture in today’s modern cities.

This new work explores the rich and complex nature of tango culture, a culture born out of the modern urban experience.

Tango first appeared in the port of Buenos Aires at the beginning of the 20th century as migrants from various parts of Europe settled in the poorer districts of the city. Later Astor Piazzolla reformulated the essence of tango in another vibrant and multicultural urban setting, New York. Tango has always grown out of the necessity of newcomers to a city to find a new identity. An identity fuelled by expectations of the new and nostalgia for what was left behind, an identity that is constantly challenged by the vertigo of technological change. An identity that is ultimately melded from the encounters made possible in the modern city.