Me, Myself, and Others: A Cinematic Approach to Latin American Encounters

University of Leicester Research Seminar – 11th October 2014, 9am-6pm + evening viewing at local art-house cinema. Attenborough Building Film Theatre (University of Leicester) and Phoenix, Leicester

This day-long research seminar, sponsored by the Institute of Latin American Studies (ILAS), the University of Leicester and the University of Lincoln, aims to bring together scholars who have been working on different projects on the general theme of ‘Otherness and Encounters in Latin American Cinema’, with practitioners working within and outside the film industry. The day will include panel presentations, film viewings, a video-installation and a performance.

We will be presenting:
• Running all day: Video Installation Dreaming Cities (see presentation below)
• Patricia Bossio (Birkbeck College, University of London)
• Reinventing Me, Myself with the Others’, based on the collaborative project Dreaming Cities. Urban Encounters.
• Followed by short introduction to the project by Adam Finch (Award-winning Film Editor and Video Artist)

Dreaming Cities is a long-term artistic collaboration creating performances and installations that brings together world-class artists from different cultural geographies and diverse artistic disciplines. The project explores themes of urban encounters and migration using documentary style interviews within a cinematic and musical experience. 3:30pm - Performance: Shaped by Urban Encounters (part of Dreaming Cities)

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Sola Akingbola composer, actor, head percussionist to British jazz funk band Jamiroquai and also the founder and lead vocalist to African funky roots band Critical Mass.He will be playing possible encounters: A journey from the Yoruba diaspora to the rhythm of Latin American cities and the making of a new common space here.