Transformed from city to city rhythm and melodies, images, dreams, desire and fear. 
              Dreaming Cities is drawing constantly a sense of a new sharing space

London based artists from the UK and Argentina working on collaborations since 2006 got together to present Dreaming Cities. The work involved a new challenge reformulating what it was a multidisciplinary concert into an art gallery space.

Transtango a multi- disciplinary concert started as group of artists invited by Patricia Bossio to come together to explore the theme of 'Urban Encounters' using a multidisciplinary approach combining Music, Film, Sound Design and later dance.

Artists interacting within and across cultures exploring emerging convergences, switch- coding, conflicts and negotiation of differences, recycled memories giving form and meaning to a new shared space. The cosmopolitan city, enriched by intercultural exchange is for us the arena of representation and understanding how cultural differences are played and articulated.

Sequences and scenes of personal disintegration and integration into a wider society and space experienced by immigrants and locals while trying to accommodate to a new fast changing place, are common place in our work.

The Transtango concerts sold out London venues between 2007 and 2011 such as King’s Place, British Library, Bloomsbury Theatre as well as at the Aldeburgh Festival, Birmingham CBSO, Salisbury Festival among others (funded by Arts Council of England).

Conforming the exhibition:
• Hereticus (sound and video installation)
• Angela, a portrait (Video installation)
• Urban premonitions (Video and photography)
• “Dancing the hell out” (Sound and light installation)
• A series of four composed photography-

Dreaming City’s team : Adam Finch (video), Sola Akingbola (percussion and voice), Marcelo Nisinman (bandoneon and composer), Jorge Bosso (composer, cello), John Turville (piano), Eduardo Vassallo (first Cellist CBSO), Linda Pontoriero, (Graphic motion video artist), Colin Maltby (lighting designer), Patricia Bossio (curator and collaborator),